charges a fixed fee to register a vehicle for you in America, even if you're just visiting.

Vehicle registration is handled by the US States, not the Federal Government, so in order to register a vehicle in the US, you need to establish a presence in a US state. establishes a legal presence for you in the state of Montana.  Unlike many other states, Montana doesn't require a local driver's license to register a vehicle - perfect for international visitors.

And vehicles registered in Montana never have to physically enter the state, so can register your vehicle in Montana, no matter where in America you purchase it. stands in line at the Montana Department of Motor Vehicles, so that you don't have to.  Your time is valuable, so using allows you to focus on the most important thing: your visit.  We Fedex your documents (registration, license plates, and title) to you, wherever you are.

Sales taxes are due in the state in which a vehicle is registered, not where it is purchased.  Sales taxes on autos generally range from 6-8%, and can exceed 10% in some parts of California and Washington State.  Sales taxes in Montana are 0%, so registering your vehicle in Montana can save you hundreds - or thousands - of dollars.

So' fee provides the following benefits:

  • Establishing a legal presence in the best state for international visitors to register a vehicle,
  • Concierge vehicle registration, and
  • Tax savings that may exceed' registration services fee.