When you buy or register a vehicle with visitor.us you are welcome to keep, sell, or export your vehicle on your own terms - it's your vehicle!

You generally have two options when you sell a vehicle in the US:

  • A dealer - if you take your vehicle to a dealer, they can often give you an offer and write a check in 30 minutes or less.  But this convenience comes with a trade-off: dealers often "lowball" walk-in vehicle sellers, offering them less (sometimes, much less) than the vehicle is worth, or
  • Private party - the price that sellers receive when advertising their vehicle on Craigslist or Facebook is often much higher than an offer from a dealership.  But this higher price comes with a trade-off: you may have to show your vehicle to dozens of people before finding a buyer.

But you have another option when you use visitor.us.

Because visitor.us is a licensed auto broker, we can list your vehicle on the wholesale auction market.  Simply drop your vehicle off at more than 140 conveniently located auction sites, and you'll attract bids from multiple dealerships.

visitor.us conducts the sale and remits the funds to you.  It's the convenience of avoiding the general public, combined with a higher price (sometimes thousands of dollars higher) than a dealer's "lowball" offer.